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Jonathan Jalbert Lauzon
Jonathan Jalbert Lauzon thumbnail
Jonathan Jalbert Lauzon this band kick some serious ass! just discovered them about 2-3 weeks ago and now I can't wait for the day they'll come to montreal over canada Favorite track: Haven.
Stéphane Gallay
Stéphane Gallay thumbnail
Stéphane Gallay À mon avis, Unprocessed n’est pas un groupe pour les auditeurs casual. C’est du metal progressif pour mélomane exigeant et qui n’a pas peur de se jeter la tête la première dans une zone de chaos primordial, sans savoir s’il va se faire bouffer la moitié de la face par une horreur rampante (ou un robot de combat mutant) ou s’il va tomber au milieu de la beauté glacée des galaxies les plus lointaines. (Chroniqué sur Favorite track: Malleable.
bloodredhorizon thumbnail
bloodredhorizon One of the best metal albums I've ever listened to! Outstanding guitar work, awesome drumming, amazing production, need I say more?! Favorite track: Malleable.
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Covenant 02:45
No single grain of sound No texture anywhere Im close to dreaming caught inbetween two hollowed worlds Breath in The dust in winds The fear within Only memories remain Looking for new ways I am closer to percieve I am caught between these worlds No excuses from the past But maybe it just replies Shadows from the past
Haven 06:07
I see a vision of netherworld, a vision full of green and blue where the wild roses grow on a mountain high, beneath a purple coloured sky. I see a vision of a never withering earth circled by miracles from far away, no dust in the wind the air full of life, that is taken by the blind. It´s no secret, those leaves will liquefy scattered to the four winds until the night passes by. It's no mystery, that the shadows gape open, like a cut between the nights of a day without daylight, that will blur in itself. It is a prophecy, that we will drown in the mirrors of a world beyond abyss, that will drag you and soar deep and away. I saw my Neverland, with dripping drops in the crowns.
Ghilan 05:55
My path has crossed with an unrecognizable appearence, As she shifts from the shadows of the twilight. Once transformed you cant tell if she reached her final state. The circumstances draw blood into her starving eyes. She hits the iron key to my continuety My shell breaks while she sings her melody her black eyes set embossed the cold slowly embraces my deepest unconciousness, please end the engaging call out of the womens chest her hands drifitng upon my skin, choking my sense a twist in my dimension opens up this gate of evil Dont strike her with a second stroke For then she will not die Voices calling my name leading my astray blindfolded souls all have been taken away her screamings shrill but seducing at a time this place may have an exit turns out hard to find. Is there a bridge to my decay or does my mind just want to play
Malleable 05:54
As particles start to float Conforming the shape of my matter by grasping my way out of the lifeform once known Incompressible state of absence the universe is now captured in world of endlessness Aspiring Absence of matter Conforming Switching aggregate Floating Silent motion Expanding my vision Swallow me as a whole before the lights cut through the surface Pull me like a swirl deep take me to the origin another colour that completes the picture Swallow me as a whole into a reef of wreckage Pull me like a swirl deep take me to the origin Another colour that completes the picture Aspiring The infinite absence of matter Conforming Switching aggregate Floating The infinite absence of matter Aspiring Silent motion takes its flow
Millenium 06:30
Still I find no thoughts align Can I recreate my shadows sign? One more tear wont surface here I hear words out of nowhere A voice is ringing in my head should I keep living or playing dead Black walls behind Nothing in front I fear the darkness which will lead my way Circled by a close fog My path, unseen taking more steps back Breath me in Immerse Let me be your mind Let me be your mind instead A shadow comes across the line Standing next to borders I hear your words reversed Falling backwards thorugh a maze I´ve lost
The Division 04:41
I am seperated feeling guilty Thorughts left me Charms were lost and words were no more Take me with you to your secrets Divide us to my own personal graveyard of emotion As the daylight dies the world will turn its back on you I dont dream it seems Im inside your walls Leaving time behind Im burning next to my mirror As you are standing next to me In your effort of denying my existence Your dream is my reality Now its all put away
The Mirror 05:24
The soul like broken glass Perforated like cold shards Dont you see my looking glass in front of me? Mir mirror is staring back at me once again My eyes stops to watch the light begins to fade away I have a secret Do I regret my thoughts? A voilent wave expanding ruthless Could we choose the live? Could we choose to exist? Look at the world we´ve got nothing to keep I have a secret I do not tell A voilent wave expanding directionless Could we choose, can we breath the same air? Like before? My glass starring back at me Do I feel ashamed not to see
Meridian 06:23
Percieve the side of me Where the devil embrassed my mind to see Where bloods to thick to run in veins I do remember the one I used to be I do feel the ngetaive one It smiles, it reigns, it takes control A black cape marks the path I went to find the brightest truth Take me to the world I belong Return to your dimension do not fill the room with your appearance redeem my body Let me out of this maze Redeem Take me to the world I belong return to your dimension do not fill the room with your appearance No more lights The walls are closed I do not recognize any contours The path has lead me to a place full of hate No return A logical process instills design But still I try to remind myself Who I used to be
My thoughts awake when dark shadows swallows my eyes Then I grasp you out of me and listen to the breath of your step in me Your image is so much closer as it ripps my nights and scattered by days It returns into my silence I gather you in me And begin to understand Be my playground of intimacy Voilence of endearment You have to inhale if you want to breath Tired views falls down Soft bounce without sound Blurring colours of shattering brains Warm Salivation shuttered expression The aromatic shades of darkness A red breath whispers in the rivers The screaming of drowning tongues A black breath whispers in your bloodlines You have to inhale If you want to breath
Exeunt 02:35


released April 13, 2018


all rights reserved



Unprocessed Wiesbaden, Germany

Unprocessed is a German Metal band from Wiesbaden, Hessen, founded in 2013.
The band was formed by guitarist Manuel and drummer Jan in 2012 together with the earlier bassist, singer and second guitarist. After a few line-up changes, the current members decided on sticking to a highly diversifying sound, which can be described as a technically sophisticated modern style of Progressive Metal. ... more


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